• ClearNasal – The best nasal irrigation device kit

    We are all living in a fast track world where we lack the time to take better care of our well-being. Maximum number of people these days complain ...
  • Take a sigh of relief and breathe easy

    According to the new data from WHO, 9 out of 10 people breathe air containing high levels of pollutants and is estimated to cause an appalling numb...
  • Common mistakes that can make your cold even worse

    Constant sneezing, coughing, runny nose, sore throat and fatigue can make you miserable. But the worst part about common cold is that there is no instant or permanent cure. All you can do is get some temporary relief while you wait for the infection to go away.  Sometimes, frequent use of antibiotics when you get sore throat, runny nose or fever can put you at risk of developing antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Heavy nasal drainage with no improvement even after four days can also be an indication of sinus infection.
  • ClearNasal – The best nasal irrigation device kit

    We are all living in a fast track world where we lack the time to take better care of our well-being. Maximum number of people these days complain ...
  • Top 5 reasons why people snore

    You may be suffering from sleepless nights either because you can hear loud snoring, or because of your snoring. Irrespective, snoring could be a m...
  • Do’s and Don’ts for managing a Nosebleed

    Nosebleeds can be dangerous or life threatening only in rare cases such as tumors, Hemangiomas and Telangiectasias. Sometimes, the lack of protein that is necessary for blood clotting can also lead to bleeding disorders like Hemophilia. However, no matter what the reason might be, you should know what needs to be done and what you should avoid in these situations.

    There are numerous health benefits associated with the practise of nasal irrigation. It eliminates all the dust, irritants and pollutants that are accumulated and deposited in the nose, which over time can cause breathing issues. Ayurveda also recommends frequent cleansing of the nasal passages to get rid of these pollutants to breathe better everyday, as the benefits are many. Now-a-days, many ENT specialists also suggest nasal irrigation as part of their treatment plan for patients to clear sinus passages frequently.
  • The best Sinus Rinse Kit

    The benefits of sinus rinse are:

    Clearing the nasal passages, Removing particles and bacteria that block the smooth breathing, Reduces smelling, Keeps the nasal track moist, Reduces infections, Provides instant relief, Enables better sleep and Reduces snoring.

  • Harmful effects of sleep deprivation and disturbed sleep

    Adults need sleep for about 7-9 hours each night to function at their best. Whereas, children and teens require even more sleep. However, sleep requirements vary from person to person. Sleep deprivation can cause a number of damaging effects on our body such as memory issues, difficulty in thinking and concentrating, drastic mood swings, weak immune system, high blood pressure, high risk to diabetes and can lead to excess weight gain. If sleep deprivation persists, it can cause hallucinations, thereby making your hear and see the things that are actually not there.

  • How sinus and migraine can make you miserable

    ClearNasal™ is a nasal saline that has been liked by customers all around the world. It has been highly recommended by thousands of doctors worldwide and also by satisfied customers, claiming it to give relief from headaches in only a few minutes. People now get better sleep as it promptly unclogs the nasal passage. Apart from the compact size and quick accessibility; it has a very simple procedure for using it and is quite affordable.
  • Take a sigh of relief and breathe easy

    ClearNasal™ gives quick relief from congested nose that can be caused by smoke, dust or pollen. It also relives symptoms related with colds, allergies, flu or sinusitis and also helps get rid of sneezing and a runny nose. It not only removes the inhaled impurities or irritants from the nose but also helps reduce swelling of the nasal membrane.