Benefits Of Nasal Irrigation

Benefits Of Nasal Irrigation

Today’s lifestyle and global conditions contribute towards a rise in respiratory disorders like asthma, sinusitis, pollen, allergies, air pollution, common cold, cough, etc. Most doctor’s clinics are full of patients suffering from some of the above health-related issues on a regular basis. Now-a-days, a lot of people try to avoid medication and switch to home remedies for instant relief. One of the most common remedies for relief from respiratory disorders is nasal irrigation. Stemming from the ancient practice of using a neti pot as a saline nasal irrigation device, this age old practice is known to clear all the mucus accumulated in the nose, thereby unclogging the nasal passages which help you to breathe better, therefore sleep better and function better throughtout the day.

Traditionally, nasal irrigation involves the use of the neti pot with a mixture of saline and water solution. One has to tilt the head sideways and pour the solution from the neti pot into one nostril and it pours out from the other nostril, along with all the mucus, providing instant relief in minutes. There are numerous health benefits associated with the practise of nasal irrigation. It eliminates all the dust, irritants and pollutants that are accumulated and deposited in the nose, which over time can cause breathing issues. Ayurveda also recommends frequent cleansing of the nasal passages to get rid of these pollutants to breathe better everyday, as the benefits are many. Now-a-days, many ENT specialists also suggest nasal irrigation as part of their treatment plan for patients to clear sinus passages frequently. Nasal irrigation helps to reduce sinus infections, provides relief from pollen and allergies, reduces snoring, improves the quality of breathing and reduces headaches, thereby ensuring you have a healthier lifestyle. Nasal irrigation is a simple and safe practise. The only point to note is that one must breathe through the mouth during the process and the water used during the rinse should be boiled or filtered and not contaminated. If you are one of those people who suffer from a blocked, stuffy or runny nose or acute or chronic upper respiratory issues, then frequent nasal irrigation therapy may be useful in providing relief and opening up the nasal passages and clearing out the thick mucus accumulated in the nose.  

As a modern, improved version of the neti pot today, a device called ClearNasal is one of the most effective nasal irrigation saline devices available in the market today. Tried and tested by doctors and used by customers globally, ClearNasal is known to provide isntant relief from snoring, running nose, blocked nose, pollen, allergies, asthma, sinus and air pollution. What is so unique about ClearNasal saline nasal irrigation device is that it is designed to be user friendly. The ClearNasal product is a squeeze bottle with an innovative nasal cap which makes it very easy to pour the solution into the nostril. The saline sachets can be easily mixed in water in the right proportion and can be used everyday by the entire family. The liquid saline solution also helps to keep the nasal passages moist and helps in providing relief from upper respiratory disorders. It’s just like daily routine habit of waking up and brushing your teeth! What’s more, even kids above 4 years and pregnant women can use it safely, and on a daily basis. ClearNasal product comes in starter packs, refill packs and combo packs. It has received great reviews worldwide as one of the best rated nasal saline irrigation and sinus rinse device.

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