Cure of Sinus Using Neti Pot and other Methods

Cure of Sinus Using Neti Pot and other Methods

Cure of sinus using neti pot and other methods

Sinus occurs when the nasal cavities become swollen or inflamed. The initial symptoms of sinusitis are similar to those of a common cold. The major causes of sinus are bacteria, fungi, nasal polyps, allergies and tooth infections. People with weak immune systems are more prone to developing a bacterial or fungal sinus infection. 

Nasal inflammation occurs as a result of an allergic reaction, infection or tumour. This prevents mucus from draining and fluid starts collecting in the inner linings of nose which causes facial and forehead pain. Congestion occurs when there is no drainage and overnight collection of nasal fluid leads to hoarse voice or irritation in throat. Puffiness or a swollen face is also a result of this.

Due to the pressure of sinus from blocked nasal passages one can suffer from tooth ache or bad breath. The mucus associated with the sinus infection may have a foul odour, which causes bad breath and sinus pressure may cause gum pain which leads to tooth aches. Fever is a sign that the body is fighting off an infection and some people may develop a fever with a sinus infection. 

Best remedies for decongestion are staying hydrated, warm compresses, draining the sinuses with saline water, a warm shower, using a dehumidifier. Not to forget nasal spray decongestants like Clear Nasal that give relief in this situation so you can breathe better.

Jal neti is a preferred method to decongest the nasal passage, in order to keep the respiratory tract of dirt and toxins. Neti is derived from hatha yoga ant the two variants are jala neti using water and sutra neti using a string. The practise of jal neti is nasal hygiene and benefits by not only removing mucus but clears dry nasal passages, improves the smell  therefore digestion, clears eye ducts thus clearing vision, calms soothes nervous system ,anger etc. This is the best medicine for severe sinus pressure and sinus cold. Nasal passages get unblocked and this method most effective for sinus drainage and nasal congestion. Dry sinus infection can also be cured by this.

Stuffed sinus and sinus pressure at the back of the head and generally feeling plugged in are the common symptoms of sinus along with a sore throat and mucus. As these symptoms occur one should use a decongestant spray for 3 to 4 days. Ibuprofen can help in reducing inflammation of the nose. Refrain from blowing the nose as many bacteria that live in the nose will be propelled to sinus chambers and can lead to more severe sinus infection. If the sinus persists it is recommended to consult an ENT Doctor.