ClearNasal – The Best Nasal Irrigation Device Kit

ClearNasal – The Best Nasal Irrigation Device Kit

We are all living in a fast track world where we lack the time to take better care of our well-being. Maximum number of people these days complain about respiratory problems such as asthma, common cold and sleep apnea. Sinus infection, pollen, allergies and common cold are the most common reasons for people to visit doctors or chemists to seek quick relief from blocked nose, bleeding nose, dry nose, runny nose and headaches. The reason people get frequently sick could be many – air pollution, dust, pollen, sleep deprivation, poor lifestyle choices, lack of exercise, weather conditions and poor immune system. 

People are also concerned how regular intake of over-the-counter pills like antihistamine and antibiotics can severely damage their biological system. This is the reason why people nowadays are looking for home remedies that are organic and safe, as opposed to taking medicines or visiting the doctor. There are a number of home remedies for common cold, blocked nose, allergies, flu, sinusitis, migraine and headaches such as personal steam inhalers, humidifiers, vapor rubs, nasal sprays, taking a warm bath, or eating hot and spicy food. People buy nasal strips for snoring in hopes of getting rid of snoring problems caused by clogged nose and breathing problems. Another home remedy is the neti pot, an ancient Ayurvedic technique with which you can flush out sinuses with salt water from your nose.

However, if you’re seeking a quick, easy and natural solution that can help you get relief from ailments such as clogged nose, asthma, common cold and sinusitis, one such remedy is the ClearNasal™ product – the best nasal irrigation device kit, which is an upgraded version of the neti pot in terms of design and simplicity. It is the new and improved sinus irrigation device that uses the ancient practice of nasal rinsing. Unlike the traditional neti pots, ClearNasal™ is convenient and simple to use by the entire family. It is the most popular nasal irrigation product that people are opting these days, as the product has an easy to use bottle cap and a squeeze bottle that makes it a convenient and comfortable method of nasal rinse. ClearNasal™ comes with nasal saline sachets that consist of a special mixture of salt and sodium bicarbonate, which maintains the PH level of your nose. It is a sinus saline wash that contains a 100% natural and organic solution. ClearNasal™ - a nasal irrigation device kit, comes in a Daily Usage pack, Refill pack and a Starter Kit pack. A ClearNasal™ bottle with one packet of ClearNasal™ powder will make 240ml of nasal saline solution, enough to rinse both nasal passages. Each nasal saline bottle can be used up to 3 months or 30 rinses, before being discarded and can be used up to three times a day. Now with the help of ClearNasal™ product - the best nasal saline irrigation rinse kit device, you can effectively get quick relief from clogged sinus passages and quick relief from dry and bleeding nose. People are now buying ClearNasal™ instead of nasal snoring strips, as ClearNasal™ gives quick relief from congested nose and can successfully reduce snoring problems.

Strater Kit and Refill KitClearNasal™ - Nasal irrigation Starter Kit consists of ClearNasal™ positive pressure bottle with custom-made caps and a nasal saline refill sachet that contains a special mixture of salt and sodium bicarbonate.

Top reasons why the ClearNasal™ product is the best nasal irrigation device kit:

  • Easy to use – It is a nasal irrigation product that comes with a custom-made bottle cap which is easy to place on your nose and the positive pressure of the bottle helps you to direct the flow of the solution into your nose as per your convenience.

For your entire family – It is a sinus wash kit that can be used by any member of your family; even by children above 4 years of age, pregnant ladies and nursing mothers. ClearNasal™ can also can be used by people taking other medication.

  • Worldwide usage – ClearNasal™ is a nasal wash product that has happy and satisfied customers all over the world, who claim to give them relief from clogged nose, headaches caused by migraine and sinusitis, relieves allergies, reduces snoring and clears impurities from the nasal membrane caused by pollen, dust and air pollution.
  • Recommended by doctors – ClearNasal™ is the best nasal irrigation product that will safely help you breathe better by flushing out excess mucus, without harming you. It can be also used to get relief from asthma, pollen, sinusitus, allergies and snoring. Doctors all over the world recommend ClearNasal™ as a product that provides relief.
  • Compact ClearNasal™ is a nasal irrigation kit that comes in a compact size; making it flexible to carry around even while you’re travelling, as opposed to carrying a neti pot, which is not travel friendly.
  • Economical – ClearNasal™ is a nasal saline rinse kit that is quite affordable and can be easily accessible. You can buy it online or get it from your nearest chemist. 

Beginners KitClearNasal™ is a nasal irrigation device kit that has successfully helped reduce snoring problems for customers around the world. It is a nasal wash that gently clears mucus from your sinus passages and relieves you from breathing problems.

ClearNasal™ has undertaken several CSR initiatives and has collaborated with schools, traffic police, BBMP and other organizations for the betterment of the environment. ClearNasal™ product is the best sinus wash kit that has been ethically helping the city to breathe better.  It has a massive number of global customers and is the best selling nasal irrigation device kit in India. ClearNasal™ is an innovative sinus wash kit that has made the nasal rinse process better; thereby making you breathe easy, keeping your health in check and helping you to get a good night’s sleep. Now with ClearNasal™, anyone can perform nasal irrigation at home at your convenience. Flush sinuses with ClearNasal™ nasal irrigation device to get over a cold.  It can be used as often as brushing or flossing teeth and is as harmless, preventive and effective as wearing a mask.

Get your ClearNasal™ nasal irrigation device kit today and ensure a healthier life for you and your family.



*For children less than 10 years, please consult your physician.

*ClearNasal™ is to be used with Luke Warm water ONLY.