Harmful Effects Of Sleep Deprivation And Disturbed Sleep

Harmful Effects Of Sleep Deprivation And Disturbed Sleep

According to a recent general study, more than 58% of Indians believe their work suffers due to lack of sufficient sleep, whereas 93% of Indians are sleep deprived and getting less than 8 hours per night. Sleep plays a vital role for an individual’s good health and well-being. The quality of your sleep directly impacts your mental and physical health and can help to maintain a good and balanced lifestyle. Good sleep is important as it is responsible for your brain and heart health, productivity, emotional balance, immune system, creativity, vitality and even your weight. Sleep is also a process of renewal and restoration for the body. But most people these days, especially millennials, wake up feeling tired and sleepy. The lack of energy and sleep can prohibit you from being productive at work during the day and can also cause dizziness, headaches and body aches. We tend to sacrifice our sleep at night, whether it’s due to work and career, daily chores or due to the obligations towards our home. Other times, we purposefully deprive ourselves of sleep for entertainment like games, movies, internet, television or socializing at late night dinners and mid night parties.

Adults need sleep for about 7-9 hours each night to function at their best. Whereas, children and teens require even more sleep. However, sleep requirements vary from person to person. Sleep deprivation can cause a number of damaging effects on our body such as memory issues, difficulty in thinking and concentrating, drastic mood swings, weak immune system, high blood pressure, high risk to diabetes and can lead to excess weight gain. If sleep deprivation persists, it can cause hallucinations, thereby making your hear and see the things that are actually not there.

Since you do not get enough quality sleep during the night, your body will require rest during the day to make up for the lost time. Most people with sleep deprivation experience microsleep during the day. Microsleep is when you doze off that lasts from a fraction of second to 10 full seconds without you realizing it. This can be very dangerous while you’re driving as it may lead to road accidents, causing you to even lose your life or the life of your loved ones. Staying awake late night causes hormone imbalance, making you crave food. Sleep deprivation makes your body release higher levels of insulin, which in turn leads to obesity and an unhealthy body, as insulin controls your blood sugar levels. Sleep deprivation gravely affects growth hormone production, especially in children and adolescents. Apart from that, sleep deprivation can cause fatigue, lethargy, lack of motivation and premature skin aging.

Sleep deprivation and disturbed sleep can be caused by a number of things like commitment to work or studies, poor sleeping habits, uncomfortable beds, extreme cold or extreme hot environment, insomnia, among others. Short term respiratory illnesses can be a major problem that causes disturbed sleep. Common cold, flu, asthma, cough, blocked nose, runny nose, sinus infection, pollen and allergies can make you uncomfortable leading to disturbed sleep or sleepless nights. A Clogged nasal canal further leads to shortness of breath. Snoring can be a big problem which is also caused due to blocked nose. Snoring not only makes your sleep experience bad but also can be a nuisance to others in the family.  All these factors ultimately result in frequent doctor visits and taking a number of medications. This disrupts the smooth functioning of daily life, which in turn makes people irritable and moody throughout the day. There are few lifestyle modifications that can help prevent sleep disorder. Exercise, along with a healthy diet can ward off sleep problems. Avoiding intake of caffeine, nicotine and alcohol late in the day can help to get better sleep at night. Getting relief from blocked nose, runny nose or sinus infection can also help you sleep better. If the common home remedies for cold like using a humidifier, vapor rub or Neti pots don’t help clear the mucus from a stuffy nose, there are other safe and healthy ways to get relief from such ailments.

One such alternative is ClearNasal™, the innovative product that gives lasting relief from blocked nose in an easy and effective way. As opposed to the frequent use of medicines like antibiotics or antihistamine, it is a better, safe and hygienic method to make you breathe easy. As ClearNasal™ helps flush out excess mucus and clears the nasal passage, you can now get comfortable sleep without any interruptions.  It can also be regularly used as a preventive measure to control air pollution. Unlike the conventional devices, ClearNasal™ is a nasal irrigation device which is made with 100% natural and organic elements and is a combination of salt and sodium bicarbonate. You can now get relief from headaches caused by sinusitis, migraine and allergies in a safe and natural process without the use of any medication. Customers all around the world like and approve ClearNasal™, claiming it to be a revolutionary nasal saline that has helped get relief from snoring as well, thereby making them sleep better. It has been highly recommended by thousand of doctors worldwide as it gives relief from headaches in only a few minutes. People now get better sleep as it promptly unclogs the nasal passage.



 *For children less than 10 years, please consult your physician.

*ClearNasal is to be used with Luke Warm water ONLY.