Health Benefits Of A Clear Nose

Health Benefits Of A Clear Nose

Health Benefits Of A Clear Nose

There are umpteen benefits to maintaining a healthy nose. It is essential to keep a clear nose as it keeps away allergies, bacteria and harmful viruses all which could lead to contagious infections. A healthy nose reduces chances for sinus and nasal swelling while retaining a mild moistness. 

The Nose is the primary entry point while breathing in air. We are all aware that we breathe in toxins daily and that the tiny hairs in our nostrils are supposed to protect dirt and other pollutants from entering our noses.

Over time the pollution we continue to breathe has evolved and gotten denser with more chemicals than before. The tiny hairs are doing their best they can but the damage is happening anyway. It is highly unlikely that the situation will improve. 

Mucus and dust accumulation causes sneezing. If this is not noticed and rectified, a tiny whiff of the everyday wind has enough bacteria to make you prone to several allergies. Which can then lead to contagious viruses or even chronic diseases. 

Toxins are a cause of sinus and lead to inflammation, swelling and allergies that sometimes last for life. Dryness leads to nosebleeds also increase the chances of infections through cuts. 

So how do we curb this situation-

 It is always a good idea to use humidifiers to control the moisture levels in the air. Purifiers are also a good source of detoxifying the air you breathe indoors. 

But what about the outdoors?

That is where most people spend 60% of their time. It is also where we are more prone to getting infected. 

 What if there was a product acting for both the humidifier and purifier? Ensuring moisture is maintained, keeping pollutants away all while fitting in the palm of your hand. 

 There is -

Experience the difference of breathing confidently. Use Clear Nasal.

Best Suggested for both Prevention & Cure of: 

Runny noses

Dry & stuffy noses

Clogged Sinus


Breathing Difficulty (In & Out)


Chronic Coughs

Bacterial Infections

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