How to keep your nose healthy amidst the pollution?

How to keep your nose healthy amidst the pollution?

Scared about the smoke in the air affecting your lungs? Air pollution takes a toll on your lungs, opening the gates to a plethora of problems. Nasal congestion is a common side effect of air pollution. If you’re all stuffed up by the end of the day and needing a quick relief to help you breathe easily, Neti Pot is the solution.

We are exposed to large amounts of toxins daily and our nose is the pathway for air entering and exiting our lungs. With many people focusing on cleansing their bowels out with enemas, it makes sense to apply the same rule to our nostrils. A Neti Pot is primarily directed at that. It is a natural alternate drug free method aimed at reducing the buildup of toxins before they enter the body and burden the body.

If you are someone who spends a lot of time outdoors, you may be putting a lot of pressure on your sinuses due to breathing in lots of recycled air, and air that contains contagious diseases.

Neti Pots and sinus rinses can be used to treat any nasal congestion, including the ones from allergies, colds or sinus infections. They help with nasal irrigation and clear sinus drainage from the nose to make it easier to breathe, so you feel less stuffy. 

To breathe better and keep your nose healthy amidst the pollution you can practice Jalaneti daily and make it a part of your morning/evening routine. Clear Nasal is a modern Jalaneti wash that is safe, natural and effective and can be used daily to get rid of all breathing problems.

  • Using Clear Nasal at the end of the day will gently remove dust, pollen and other accumulated debris from your nose especially if you work or live in a highly polluted environment.
  • If you are exposed to an air-conditioned environment daily, Clear Nasal can help ease dry and crusty nasal passages too.
  • If you suffer from sinusitis and colds often, the warm saline solution of Clear Nasal will helpdissolve mucus buildup with a gentle pressure thus draining the sinus cavities. This is also extremely helpful for chronic snoring.
  • You may find improvement in your sense of smell and your eyes will feel clearer and see brighter after continued use.

If you are using or have used Clear Nasal or have introduced Jalaneti in your daily routine do share your views with us.