How to tackle chronic sinusitis

How to tackle chronic sinusitis

Chronic sinusitis can be a terrible condition and affect your work and schools. As it is not controllable with medicines on surgery is recommended to open sinus passage ways.

This treatment for blocked sinusitis is called balloon sinuplasty. This improves quality of life and is the best treatment for sinusitis. The balloon based treatment can give immediate relief to the sinusitis complication and it can also be done by local anesthesia. A small flexible balloon catheter gently opens the nasal passage and restores normal sinus drainage. The sinusitis can be irrigated and can rid the sinus of the persistent bacteria. This can give immediate relief to sinus infection. Sinusitis swelling of the face and sinus headache and the breathing is stabilized.


Maintenance after surgery is sinusitis

Sometimes the tiny cilia hairs get trapped and the mucus blanket gets trapped at the back of the nose and enters the digestive tract. The stomach acid is acidic enough to neutralize any virus or bacteria present in the swallowed microorganism. Any condition as inflammation, sinus allergies, chronic sinusitis and surgeries done can aggravate the sense of smell, taste and nasal obstruction and thick nasal drainage.

As infections can reoccur after surgery, we should do regular nasal saline irrigation and cleanse sinus membrane. As filters at home requires cleanliness so does the nose to maintain a healthy nose filter. Regular irrigation is one solution to post sinus surgery. Avoid smoky moldy environment after the surgery.


Why does my sinusitis still get infected after surgery?

Post surgery you many or many not have nasal polyposis and ongoing inflammation has to tackled with medication. Recurrence can be controlled with saline irrigation and intranasal sprays like clear nasal available of the counter. 

Persistent bacteria and the creation of a biofilm in the nose that destroys the white blood cells causing resistance to antibiotics can be a toll. Recurrent viral infection is also a trigger for sinusitis. This is mainly due to children in day case centers with continuous colds and workers. Hence the after effects do remain after surgery.


Allergic conditions in sinusitis

Dr Ashok A Shah MD – board of certified allergist says that nasal washes first followed by a nasal spray can work better and effectively to keep allergies away. Sprays add moisture to keep the nasal passage moist and decrease cases of epistaxis.

As the patients complaint that the saline water gives a drowning felling goes to their throat and ears, so they can be using nebulizers, mist inhalations like clear nasal can be a benefit.