Is Neti Pot the secret to glowing skin?

Is Neti Pot the secret to glowing skin?

Nasal irrigation, which is also known as Neti Pot, is an ancient Ayurveda practice. It is used as part of basic daily hygiene. Simply put, it cleans out the nose with salt water and ensures the nostrils stay clean. Regular practice of Neti Pot is known to benefit the entire body.

A good night's sleep can mean good skin health. In today’s highly polluted environment all of us are prone to congestion and might struggle to fall asleep as a result of the pressure from same. Practicing Neti Pot before bedtime can help you feel less congested when you lie down for sleep and thus improve sleep quality.

Do you suffer from under eye dark circles? An underlying cause could be your sinuses. If you suffer from chronic or acute sinusitis, despite sleeping 6-8 hours each night, congestion can still cause drainage problems due to the increased blood flood in the maxillary sinuses. Try Neti Pot to rinse the sinuses and reduce under-eye discoloration. When the sinuses are clear, the blood vessels near your eyes lighten in color and shrink.

Air Pollution has a negative impact on your skin. The toxic pollutants present in both indoor and outdoor air are absorbed into your skin and its worse when you breathe them into your body, which leads to a number of skin problems from all the toxins. In addition to eating healthy and regular exercise you can also incorporate Neti Pot to your routine to clean your upper respiratory system of the pollutants that accumulate daily.

If you suffer from allergies you might be prone to getting a puffy face, try Neti Pot to ease the puffiness, it helps your sinus cavities flush out nasty allergens, calming and soothing those areas.

You probably would not have thought that regular practice of Neti Pot can help relieve muscular tension of the face which helps to keep the face looking young and wrinkle-free. We would recommend Clear Nasal as it is the closest to natural, it is safe and easy to use. The solution comes in a user friendly manner with a bottle and a specially formulated mixture solution to flush the bacteria and toxins out. Get Clear Nasal now and glide your way to radiant glowing skin.