Neti Pot VS ClearNasal™ – Which One Is Better?

Neti Pot VS ClearNasal™ – Which One Is Better?

Having a congested nose can be really frustrating. The moment you fall ill with common cold, flu, sinusitis or allergies, you know you’re going to have miserable days ahead of you. You may also end up taking countless over-the-counter antihistamine pills, but these ailments do not permanently go away. Whether it’s because of the seasonal change, cold weather, pollen, dust or air pollution, you’ll end up with headaches, cough, sneeze and blocked nose ever so often in a year. When everything ceases to help, people turn to home remedies to cure stuffy nose. There are a number of remedies for common cold and blocked nose such as personal steam inhaler, humidifier, vapor rub, taking a warm bath, or consuming hot and spicy food. Another home remedy is the neti pot - a technique with which you can flush out sinuses with salt water. There are also many nasal irrigation device kits in the market which claim to work better than the traditional neti pots. One such product is the ClearNasal™ nasal irrigation device kit.

One might wonder how good or effective these neti pots are and how ClearNasal™ is better in terms of use and functionality. Other questions may arise on your mind too, like does nasal irrigation help you get relief from common cold? How often can a nasal irrigation be done? What are the benefits of nasal irrigation? This article will try to answer all those queries.

Let’s take a look at these 5 factors that are causing the traditional neti pot to lag behind, making ClearNasal™ a much better and easy alternative.

  1. Comfort

Unlike the standard neti pot where you have to place the nozzle into your nostril, which can be uncomfortable and inconvenient, ClearNasal™ is a nasal irrigation device kit that comes with a custom-made bottle cap that makes it comfortable for anyone to easily place the cap in their nose. ClearNasal™, a sinus saline wash solution kit, is a mixture of 100% natural and organic solution, which maintains the PH level of your nose. The special formulated saline solution flows and cleanses the frontal lobes and sinus passages using a gentle pressure without disrupting the body’s natural chemistry.

  1. Effectiveness

Most people who use neti pots complain about not getting satisfying results even after several uses. ClearNasal™ is a sinus rinse kit that has been known to effectively give quick relief from clogged sinus passages. It is an easy method that helps you get relief from ailments like sinusitis, asthma and allergies. It gently flushes out the impurities and irritants out of your nasal passages that can be caused by air pollution, dust or pollen. It is a nasal saline that gives quick relief from dry and bleeding nose and also unclogs blocked nose.

  1. Usability

Let’s face the fact. Neti pots are bulky and are quite messy, especially if you haven’t used one before. However, ClearNasal™ is a nasal irrigation product comes with a unique bottle cap which is easy to place on your nose and positive pressure bottle that helps you to direct the flow of the solution into your nose as per your convenience. Since it comes along with a nasal saline sachet that consists of special mixture of salt and sodium bicarbonate; all you need to do is pour the contents in the bottle, dissolve the mixture in filtered water and use it.

  1. Flexibility

Your nose can get blocked anywhere and anytime of the day. Carrying a neti pot along with you is quite inconvenient. However, ClearNasal™ is a sinus rinse product that is easy to carry and is hassle-free. ClearNasal™, a nasal irrigation device kit, comes in a compact size; making it flexible to carry around even while you’re travelling. Apart from the compact size and quick accessibility; ClearNasal™ is easy to use and is economical, as it can be used by the entire family.

  1. Assurance

Contrary to neti pots that have unsatisfactory results, ClearNasal™ is a nasal saline irrigation device kit that is liked by thousands of happy and satisfied customers from all corners of the world. Even doctors highly recommend the product as it is the best home remedy for cold and is natural treatment for sinusitis. It can be used by any member of your family; even by children above 4 years of age. No matter if you’re pregnant or a nursing mother, ClearNasal™ is a nasal irrigation product that will safely help you breathe better by flushing out excess mucus, without harming you. It also can be used by people taking other medication.

When it comes to instant relief from a clogged, dry or bleeding nose, ClearNasal™ is the safest, natural and effective way of nasal irrigation. ClearNasal™ has made the nasal rinse process better. It has revolutionized the old practice of nasal rinsing and made it more effective and functional with the custom-made bottle cap and squeeze bottle. Since ClearNasal™ gives quick relief from congested nose, it can help you breathe better, help you to get a good night’s sleep and can successfully reduce snoring problems. ClearNasal™ is a nasal irrigation kit that also helps reduce swelling of the nasal membrane.

ClearNasal™ nasal irrigation device are easily accessible. You can get in from your nearest chemist or buy online. You can first try out the ClearNasal™ Starter Kit. A ClearNasal™ bottle with one packet of ClearNasal™ powder will make 240ml of nasal saline solution, enough to rinse both nasal passages. Each nasal saline bottle can be used for up to 3 months or 30 rinses and can be used up to three times a day. With ClearNasal™ rinse product and its innovative sinus wash kit; you can perform nasal irrigation at home at your convenience and ease. 

For more information on how to use the ClearNasal™ - nasal irrigation product kit, you can go through this explainer video on the usage:


*For children less than 10 years, please consult your physician.

*ClearNasal™ is to be used with LukeWarm Water ONLY.