ClearNasal - Refill Kit (50 sachets)
ClearNasal - Refill Kit (50 sachets)
ClearNasal - Refill Kit (50 sachets)

ClearNasal - Refill Kit (50 sachets)

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  • ALLEVIATE NASAL CONGESTION QUICKLY: Use with ClearNasal starter Kit and get ready to feel fast-acting relief from nasal congestion, pollen, allergies, cold, flu and sinus pressure with ClearNasal saline salt. The salt dissolves quickly to conveniently cleanse nasal and sinus passages. 
  • THE ADDED BENEFIT OF SODIUM BICARBONATE: Sodium Bicarbonate is a safe, natural ingredient that stimulates the body’s own cleansing system. Sodium Bicarbonate prevents irritants and bacteria from sticking to nasal tissues while moisturizing these delicate tissues. This reduces the dried-out sensation experienced with other salts. 
  • EFFECTIVE, NATURAL INGREDIENTS: ClearNasal saline salt is an all-natural sinus congestion treatment that contains Sodium Chloride and sodium bicarbonate in an economy single packet use. The natural ingredients make these the perfect solution for anyone looking for nasal rinsing. 
  • CONSISTENT, RELIABLE SINUS RELIEF: ClearNasal saline powder is PH balanced. One packet of ClearNasal saline in  240ml water is sufficient for isotonic solution to provide relief from nasal and sinus congestion due to allergies, colds and flu and other harmful pollutants. 
  • There are countless neti salt variations available, but this is the only saline salt that contains sodium bicarbonate. It increases the effectiveness of the neti practice. Fill in your ClearNasal bottle and enjoy the clean and clear breathing!