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"ClearNasal Starter Kit is nose wash designed to help everyone naturally rinse and clear excess mucus, bacteria, allergens, and other irritants from the upper respiratory passages and to promote better breathing. The clearnasal bottle and bottle cap uses a specially formulated mixture solution to deliver a gentle positive pressure flow...."

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Over 1 Mn Users Practising Nasal Cleansing Worldwide

Anant Singh Rajput


" Its a Amazing product and worth . I have used this product for month and it works well. I recommend other to use it . "


Nupur Budhiraja

" One of the major problem which might be troubling many of us is blocked nose during winters and kind of cold. Introducing you all to this healthy nasal cleaning
practice which I got my hands on recently helping you breathe. "

Akshay Babar


" I have used this for more than a week now, and trust me it's a life saver this very user friendly and works perfectly. I highly recommend this product for all who have sinus or breathing issues as well "

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